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The Fundacion Social Perea was established at 8 hours a day on the 19th of May 1998 through a private document signed by (ten) 10 partners and acknowledged as a public deed in September 1998 with the number 859 in the second notary in Quibdó, Choco. Then it gets its legal status in the department government of Choco on September 22, 1998, with number 1458 and identified with NIT (Fiscal Identification Number) 900950436-8. It has updated the register faced with the direction black communities of the internal department and justice as an organization based on whom it allowed issue the guarantee in Icetex to get a grant for black communities.

Completing its legal process whom the Colombian Authorities, Fundacion Social Perea stars its social service operation taking a stance and being ground-breaking of this kind of services: Social Management, it is a service that consists in makes a specific process in the government entities with the purpose of benefit the community. Specifically, we start working with the public services as the aqueduct, the sewage, the cleaning, the electric bills, the phone bills, and others where people contacted us and gave us them, including the money to make these payments in the pertinent bank entity. It was a service with high responsibility and social compromise where confidence and compliance were the common expressions between the parts. furthermore, it was a way as the Quibdoseña community benefits apart from the job offers for many people that we generate.

In these long years, the executive manager has been moving to different municipalities of the department as Negúa, Quibdó, Tadó, Yuto, and others imparting popular education or life education for all types of public. It is lessons applied to the context to help people achieve their life projects.

At present, we are focusing our efforts and resources on our children, teenagers, youth, and adult people to work in many thematics. It is why your effort and contributions allow us to continue consolidating our services to improve our coverage, strengthen the actuals and implement the other ones that we have not made yet.

We are in a Special Fiscal Regime, therefore; it allows us to issue certifications whereby you can reduce the payment of your duties whom DIAN (Duties Department and National Customs), in this case in Colombia.